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Grand Pianos – How to look after them

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So which is it to be? The beautiful Grand Piano or the functional upright? Both pianos serve their purpose and offer the musician the beautiful viagraund of the piano.

Grand Pianos:  How To Take Care of Them

We learn along the way that nothing lasts forever—pets, people, things.  Certainly not grand pianos.  But you could make it last a little longer by properly taking care of them.  Here’s how:

Keep it clean.

It could be cumbersome to keep on dusting something as big as a grand piano, but something as minuscule as dust can ruin your piano keys.  Just think about how much one these granddaddies cost—as expensive as a car, if not more—and you would surely be motivated enough to care for it.


Never place your piano under direct heat.  Humidity affects the piano keys and strings and could cause it to be off-key.  You can opt to use a humidifier to regulate the temperature of the room where the piano is located.

Play it.

Do not think that by not using things, you would be able to extend its life.  It’s a common misconception.  With pianos, the more that you do not use it, the more likely it is for the strings to get brittle from inaction.  Besides, it’s only by playing it that you get to find out if you need to have it tuned.

Full Service.

Grand pianos need to be maintained by a professional technician at least twice a year.  Just schedule it along with your dental check-up so you won’t forget.

Just follow these simple tips and your piano would surely outlast you.

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